August Punzal

With thirteen successful group exhibitions under his belt, August Punzal is an upcoming artist to watch out for. A self-taught artist residing in Taytay, Rizal Philippines, he discovered his interest in arts at a very young age by playing around with patterns and incorporating them in his Mandalas and Zentangles art. He then transitioned to abstract expressionism two years ago and has already sold more than 10 masterpieces. He is also known for using resin and crystals as his medium to create decorative art pieces. With a degree in Entrepreneurship at La Salle College Antipolo, one would not believe that his early career is with management and customer service. Using his experience, he is now often invited by young groups of artists to either demonstrate his style, or by giving talks on how to effectively market themselves as an artist and on how to sell artworks. August is a firm believer that everything around us is made up of energy and there are far more things in life than meets the eye. His works are a reflection of his feelings, emotions, and a response to certain magical events that we humans have no other words for. August enjoys gospel music and joins the church choir every weekend. For him, his artworks are portraits of the universe.

Artist's Collection