Ada Panopio

Ada Panopio started young as an illustrator and learned the fundamentals of fine arts in the academe but her interesting life experiences give more meaning to every inch of her masterpieces rather than commercial art. Her pallet of striking and sometimes contrasting colors gives depth to the canvas which in turn reflects her emotions of the time. She is currently a professional graphic artist in one of the leading companies in Batangas and also a supportive wife and loving mother. But in spite of her life roles, one cannot take the artist’s heart from her as she finds refuge with her every brush strokes. Her paintings already reached other countries like Canada, Australia, and USA while her talent is rewarded with a number of awards from various art competitions locally. Her portfolio is limited to portraiture, realism, surrealism as she is adventurous enough to try other themes and media. You can tell with the message of her works, hers is something you can relate with your heart and soul.

Artist's Collection